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Focus to Thrive!

The Natural Approach to Optimal Focus and Effectiveness for Creative Geniuses
You’ll Kick the Naysayers to the Curb, Squeeze Every Ounce of Productivity Out of Your Day and Unleash Your Full Potential!

Are you living up to your potential? Are the results you know you should achieve always out of reach? Becoming Warren Buffett is a documentary of the billionaire’s journey from an entrepreneurial boy to one of the wealthiest people in the world. Buffet is friends with another of the world’s wealthiest men, Bill Gates. In one scene, they ask Buffett and Gates to write the one thing they each felt contributed most to their success. Buffett and Gates wrote the same word on their respective papers: focus. Are you an overwhelmed entrepreneur or self-employed professional? Are you always distracted by the next opportunity or latest crisis? Are you wondering where the freedom success in your business should bring went? You are in the right place. You’re going to discover why (and how!) you can focus, be productive and achieve the success you crave. We know focus is important. But we get overwhelmed. As business owners, we wear many hats. It’s easy to become scattered and distracted. Strategy and execution suffer because we jump from one thing to another, one idea to another. When you can’t focus, you can’t think and you can’t deliver. Does this sound familiar? Do you…
  • Start work early and stay late but still struggle to get your work done?
  • Fight to concentrate in meetings, struggling to even sit still?
  • Have a reputation as unreliable because you do everything last-minute?
  • Never make plans because they never work out? Something should take 5 minutes but takes 3 hours! Something that takes most people hours takes you minutes. And why plan when you’ll get distracted anyway!?
  • Find it impossible to get boring tasks done… no matter how important, without a gun to your head (and maybe not even then!)?
  • Struggle to pay attention, even when it’s really, REALLY important?

Sound familiar?

You Are a Creative Genius

I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals like you. Creative Geniuses who struggle with focus and productivity. I found Creative Geniuses often come from an ADHD family. Many of them are adults with ADHD. But diagnosed or not, they needed my help. Only then could they overcome their productivity challenges and reach peak performance.

Many experts offer advice on how to get ahead. Every guru has “the” secret to peak performance and productivity. After all, they made it! But they only have part of the picture.

Worse, not even people who should have the whole picture do!

One “expert” works only with people who struggle to focus. He admitted to me he tells his clients to give up! He tells them not to bother doing anything that requires intense focus. It will only lead to frustration.

He says some people can’t focus, and there’s nothing they can do about it!

To be clear, that is NOT true!

Imagine if you had to limit what you do to things that only take a few minutes! Your prospects for success would be dismal.

But that is completely wrong.

You see… Under the right conditions, you can hyperfocus.

Most Creative Geniuses don’t even know they can focus more intensely and for longer than most people.

And those who do realize it aren’t using it to their full advantage. They hope it’ll happen by accident. They hope they’ll fall into the “Zone.” But when you learn to tap into this power, and to hone it so you hyperfocus on the right things – it’ll transform your life for the better.

Your Creative Genius brain is unique. Your brain wiring is different from most people’s. Many of the strategies that work for others don’t work for you. What’s more, the strategies that work for others can even be counterproductive for you. And using one wrong strategy on top of another wrong strategy compounds the damage.

“Neurodiversity” is attracting a lot of attention now. Businesses are looking for ways to tap into the power of different brain wiring. Research shows our brains work in many different ways. Your brain wiring cause challenges, but it can also give you an advantage. Exciting new research shows that adult ADHD “symptoms” are entrepreneur superpowers.

It’s like owning a Porsche. Such a powerful machine demands a little extra care and special attention. but when you take that thing out on the highway and turn it loose, look out! That’s why I prefer to call you a “Creative Genius.”

You’re Not Broken

Adult ADHD is not a disease or a defect. ADHD symptoms are the result of a difference in your brain wiring. And your different way of thinking is only a problem when you live against the grain. As a Creative Genius, you can create a life where you thrive by choosing the perfect environment to live it in. You’re not broken, and your Creative Genius isn’t something to fix. Einstein’s brain worked differently too. And his teachers thought he was “broken!” History has proven them wrong. You rock quick, out-of-the-box thinking, decisiveness and jumping into action. Scientific research is finally “discovering” you thrive in creative roles. You even outperform people without ADHD. You ARE a Creative Genius! Every over-worked and overwhelmed entrepreneur wishes for more hours in a day. But Richard Branson of Virgin, John T. Chambers of Cisco, David Neeleman of JetBlue, Paul Orfalea of Kinko’s and Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA have no more hours each day than you or I do. What’s their secret? They thrive by harnessing their boundless energy and indomitable spirit. And they squeeze every drop of productivity out of every hour.

So Why Do You Struggle?

You’ve been trying to fit in with “normal” people.  You’re a swan swimming with ducklings. You try to follow “rules of thumb” meant for people with different thumbs! Rules like:
  • “You need silence to concentrate,” or
  • “Always start your day with your hardest task”, or
  • “Take a break every 25 minutes.”
Wrong, wrong, wrong! I know people accuse you of not working hard enough. They say you should “try harder.” But you’re not lazy… you work hard. And when that doesn’t yield results, you work harder! What you need is to work when it’s your best time to work, and play when it’s your best time to play.

You’re Fighting the Wrong Enemy… It’s Exhausting (and Counter Productive!)

Are you as productive as you need to be? Or is time slipping through your fingers, and there’s no way to catch it or catch up? What would be possible if you could be more productive, work less and have more energy at the end of a day? Energy to do anything you want?

How could learning a new approach to productivity and focus transform your life? Let me help you change your life for the better.

In Focus to Thrive! The Natural Approach to Optimal Focus and Effectiveness for Creative Geniuses, I share amazingly effective but stunningly simple strategies to:

  • Boost your productivity by doing the right thing at the right time in the right way. Get more done any time of the day or night! Tap into your Creative Genius superpowers. You’ll thrive because you’ll always do the right thing at the right time for peak productivity.
  • Super-charge your effectiveness, efficiency and productivity! Do more, and do it better. Unleash your real talents and your Creative Genius strengths! You’ll thrive when your Creative Genius brain wiring turns challenges into advantages.
  • Get things done, even when you’re not under the gun. No more need for that adrenaline rush of a crazy deadline! You’ll eliminate stress. People will be eager to be on your team.
  • Improve your relationships!  There’s no joy when you drag your butt home late, exhausted and worried about what’s left to do!  Don’t just live,   Get twice as much done with half the effort. Imagine having time (and energy!) for romance!
  • Excel at anything. Learn techniques to light up your Creative Genius brain and turn on the jets! Thrive, even while doing those critical but boring tasks.
  • Goof off guilt-free. Your work’s done, you’ve delivered on every promise. You can be confident relaxing is the best thing you can be doing right now.
  • Unleash your creativity and harness all your energy. Then you will truly thrive. There’s nothing wrong with you!
  • Discover how to fine-tune your magnificent Creative Genius brain. Your productivity can only increase!

I know what you’re thinking. Since nothing has ever helped, why would I be able to improve your productivity? You’ve got so much to do and so little time, you want to know…

Can Focus to Thrive! Really Help You?

Life may look bleak. Our lives were in disarray and all seemed hopeless. But I’d like to share something personal that will help you understand you’re in the right place at the right time…