Is that what you say every time another disaster hits?  It’s no wonder…

 Living with ADHD Is Costing You Big Time.

In adults, research says ADHD traits can be blamed for lost jobs, failed careers, broken marriages and financial hardships.  No wonder you hate it!

But what if I told you your adult ADHD is not the problem?  That you’re not “broken?”  What if, instead I said you’re a genetically-enhanced creative genius? You’re just not “thriving.”

Adult ADHD is not a disease or a defect.  ADHD is a difference in your brain wiring, and you can easily create a life in which you thrive simply by choosing the perfect environment to live it in.  Imagine being able to improve your ability to focus and double your productivity (or more!) just by tapping into the natural strengths and abilities of your ADHD traits.  That’s exactly what Thrive! will help you do.

Instead, you’ll say…



The Natural Approach to Optimal Focus and Effectiveness for Creative Geniuses


Dear Friend,

Do you feel you’re not living up to your potential?  Are you frustrated because your flashes of brilliance save the day when there’s a problem no one else can solve, and in an emergency, people count on you to deliver the best results under pressure, but stuff that should be easy… no-brainer problems and routine tasks… cause you nothing but misery?

Do you suspect (do you flat-out KNOW) you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of your potential?  When I say “Creative Genius,” do you think, “Yeah, that’s how I FEEL… I’m just not getting the results! I’m getting by, but I’m not thriving!”  Do you feel like it doesn’t make sense you’re not rich and famous let alone struggling to keep your job while hoping you’ll have enough energy left over to save your marriage (or start a relationship?)

Is ADHD The Cause of All Your Problems?

And do you hate your ADHD because everyone tells you it’s behind all your problems?  People want you to do things their way (do what you’re told when you’re told to do it and the way you’re told to do it) and they say it’s your ADHD that prevents you from working like everyone else.

In a way, they’re right… you’re wired for creativity, innovative thinking, lightning fast reactions, unwavering determination and single-mindedness.  When you’re interest is piqued, you have boundless energy to throw behind your uniquely wired brain.  You hyperfocus and work around the clock, ignoring anything that would get in your way.  Under the right conditions, you will thrive, you’re definitely NOT broken!

But when I tell my clients, all adults with ADHD, this, they ask, “So if I’m not broken, why does my life suck?”

If Not, Why Does Life Suck?

And it really can suck!  My husband, Duane, has ADHD, and his struggle to overcome his ADHD challenges is legendary (more on that in a minute), and it was our battle (all uphill!) to save his career, our relationship, our finances and our family that inspired us to develop this program together.

You’re Trying to Fit a Square Peg in A Round Hole!

As an adult with ADHD, your brain is actually wired differently, and when you work against your ADHD instead of taking full advantage of your unique abilities, the very traits that let you excel at tasks that interest you are like sugar in your gas tank when you’re trying to get through your routine, make it to meetings on time or honor the simplest commitments.

Ask yourself, do…

  • You start work early and stay late but still struggle to get your work done?
  • You fight to concentrate in meetings, find it impossible to even sit still?
  • Your colleagues think you’re unreliable because you do everything last-minute?
  • You avoid planning because you never know how long things will take… something that should take 5 minutes can take 3 hours, and something that takes most people hours only takes you minutes!?
  • You find it impossible to get boring but important tasks done… without a gun to your head (and maybe not even then!)?
  • You struggle to pay attention, even when it’s really, REALLY important?

Have You Been Called Lazy, Crazy or Stupid?

Since childhood, most ADHDers have heard they’re lazy, crazy or stupid, and that they’re doomed to a life of underachievement and failure.  No wonder you think it’s your fault when things go wrong.

But it’s not your ADHD that’s slowing you down… people like Paul Orfalea (Kinko’s founder and author); David Neeleman (Jet Blue founder and inventor of the electronic ticket) and Richard Branson (Virgin Group founder, adventurer) regularly leave non-ADHDers in the dust.  It’s not your ADHD that’s slowing you down… you “fail to thrive” when you hobble your creative genius brain by forcing it to work like everyone else.

You’re Not Broken

You’re not broken, and your ADHD isn’t something to fix.  Your brain works differently than most.  But Einstein’s brain worked differently too, and his teachers thought he was “broken!”  You totally rock when it’s quick, out-of-the-box thinking, decisiveness and immediate action that’s needed.  Even scientific research is finally “discovering” that you thrive in creative roles better than people without ADHD.  You ARE a Creative Genius!

Every over-worked and overwhelmed ADHDer wishes for more hours in a day, but none of these super-successful ADHDers has more hours each day than you or I do.  What’s their secret?  They thrive by harnessing their boundless energy and indomitable spirit to squeeze every drop of productivity out of those 24 hours.

So Why Do You Struggle?

You’ve been trying to fit in with “normal” people.  You’re a swan swimming with ducklings.  You try to follow “rules of thumb” meant for people with different thumbs!  How often have you heard people declare: “Don’t do your homework with the music on!  Always start your day with your hardest task.  Take a break every 25 minutes.”  Wrong, wrong, wrong!

You’re not lazy… you work hard.  And when that doesn’t yield results, you work harder!  What you really need is to work when it’s your best time to work, and play when it’s your best time to play.

You’re Fighting the Wrong Enemy… It’s Exhausting (and Counter Productive!)

Once you stop fighting your ADHD, you can use it to your advantage.  If you’re not as productive as you need to be… If time slips through your fingers and there’s simply no way to catch it or catch up, let me help you change your life for the better.

In Thrive! The Natural Approach to Optimal Focus and Effectiveness for Creative Geniuses, I share amazingly effective but stunningly simple strategies to:

  • Boost your productivity just by doing the right thing at the right time in the right way.  You can get more done at any time of the day or night!  By working with your ADHD (instead of against it!), you’ll thrive because you’ll always do the right thing at the right time for maximum productivity.
  • Super-charge your career!  Master techniques to accomplish more, and do it better, not by “fixing” your ADHD, but by discovering how to unleash your real talents and your ADHD’s inherent strengths!  You’ll thrive when you outperform even non-ADHDers by turning ADHD challenges into advantages.
  • Get things done, even when you’re not under the gun.  No more need for that adrenaline rush of a crazy deadline!  You’ll eliminate stress all around and people will be eager to have you on their team.
  • Improve your relationships!  There’s no joy when you drag your butt home late, exhausted and worried about what’s left to do!  Don’t just live, thrive!  Get twice as much done with less effort and suddenly there’s time (and energy!) for romance!
  • Excel at anything.  Learn techniques to light up your ADHD brain and really turn on the jets!  Thrive, even doing boring tasks.
  • Goof off guilt-free because your work’s done, you’ve delivered on every promise and you know relaxing is the best thing you can be doing right now.
  • Unleash your ADHD-fueled creativity and energy and truly thrive.  There’s nothing wrong with you!  Discover how to fine-tune your magnificent ADHD brain and your productivity can only increase!

I know what you’re thinking. Since nothing has ever helped, why do I think I can improve your productivity?  You’ve got so much to do and so little time, you want to know…

Can Thrive! Really Help You?

Discover why I know the Thrive! program will completely transform your life, even when nothing else has…