Hi! I’m Linda Walker. I’m a serial entrepreneur, speaker and business coach. I also have special training to work with people with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADD or ADHD).

Attention Deficit

In 1991, I learned my daughter had ADHD. My husband, Duane and I began learning everything we could about her condition. We soon realized Duane also has ADHD. It was pretty obvious given his struggles. He couldn’t plan and organize his work. Managing his projects was a nightmare. Every system to manage his time didn’t work. And he always put things off to the last minute.

Duane was tired. His life was failed businesses, job losses and demotions. These led to severe financial, relationship and family problems. Duane agreed to seek the help of an ADHD coach. This move completely transformed his life. And it ultimately had a positive impact on my life and the lives of our children.

A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

Duane’s transformation thanks to ADHD coaching inspired me. I attended the ADD Coach Academy in the U.S. for specialized training to work with adults with ADHD. I wanted to help them live a transformation like I had seen in Duane. I want them to succeed in life. I know that, like Duane, you a valuable contribution to make, both at work and at home.

As a coach, I’ve seen the techniques and strategies we teach help adults with ADHD focus and become more productive. I’ve seen many adults who, though they don’t have an ADHD diagnosis can’t focus and are at risk of burning out. Like magic, Focus to Thrive! helps them focus and get more done.

My Professional Path

After studying at ADD Coach Academy, I continued my professional development:

  • I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF coachfederation.org).
  • I studied group coaching and dealing with change at the Center for Coaching Mastery at Coachville (coachville.com).
  • I am certified for the Emploi Québec’s Law 90, the “Loi favorisant le développement et la reconnaissance des compétences de la main-d’œuvre en administration et commerce.”