Focus Your Mind


Are you reaching your potential? Or are you always falling short? Are the results you know you should achieve, always out of reach?

When You Can’t FOCUS, You Can’t Think. And You Can’t Deliver.

Focus to Thrive!© teaches Creative Geniuses like you a natural approach to focus when YOU want and squeeze every ounce of productivity out of your day. It’s time you unleash your full potential!

Overwhelmed? Distracted? Trapped?

Are you an overwhelmed business owner?

As an entrepreneur or self-employed professional you wear many hats. It’s easy to become scattered and distracted. Strategy and execution suffer when you jump from one thing to another, one idea to another.

But there’s always something! Another opportunity. Or the latest crisis. If you’re wondering…


“Where’s the freedom that comes with owning your own business?”


You’re in the right place. You’ll discover why (and how!) you can focus, be productive and achieve the success you crave. 

Is Your Lack of Focus Holding You Back?

Take This Test

Do you…

Start work early and stay late but still struggle to get your work done?

I Never Stop Working

Fight to concentrate in meetings, unable to sit still?

I Hate Meetings

Come across as unreliable because you do everything last-minute?

I’m Always Scrambling

Make plans that never work out? It should take 5 minutes but takes 3 hours! Things that take most people hours take you minutes. And why plan when you’ll get distracted anyway!?

My Plans Never Work

Find it impossible to do boring tasks… no matter how important, without a gun to your head (and maybe not even then!)?

I Can’t Do Boring

Struggle to pay attention, even when it’s really, REALLY important?

I Miss Important Stuff All the Time

Sound familiar? There’s a reason for that…

You Are a Creative Genius

I don’t FEEL like a Creative Genius…
What’s a Creative Genius?

Frustrated Stickman
Creative Geniuses often have an ADHD family. Some were diagnosed with ADHD as kids. Many are adults with ADHD. The diagnosis is not important. Adult ADHD is not a disease or a defect.

You’re Not Broken

You have different brain wiring. It’s not a problem unless you live “against the grain”. (BUT you’ve been taught to live “against the grain!”) I can help you create a life where you thrive. You’re not broken, and your Creative Genius isn’t something to fix.
Exciting new research shows adult ADHD “symptoms” are entrepreneur superpowers. You rock out-of-the-box thinking, decisiveness and taking action. You thrive in creative roles. You outperform people without your brain wiring. You ARE a Creative Genius!

High Performance Demands Extra Care

Having your brain is like owning a Ferrari. Such a powerful machine demands extra care and special attention. But when you take that thing out on the highway and turn it loose, look out!

You’ve Been Fighting the Wrong Enemy… It’s Exhausting (and Counter Productive!)

People tell you to “buckle down.” They say, “Try harder.” I know you’re not lazy… you work hard. And when that doesn’t yield results, you work harder!

The Wrong Rules!

Every guru claims to have “the” secret to peak performance. They give you advice. They give you rules. But you’ve been following “rules of thumb” meant for people with different thumbs!
Rules like:
  • “You need silence to concentrate,” or
  • “Always start your day with your hardest task”, or
  • “Take a break every 25 minutes.”

You Can Focus

Some “experts” say you can’t focus, but I call bull$#!*. Under the right conditions, you can HYPERfocus. Let me help you change your life for the better. I’ll teach you how to work when it’s your best time to work, and play when it’s your best time to play.

What would life be like? If you could work less, get more done and have energy left at the end of the day?


Let me teach you how to achieve maximum focus and squeeze every ounce of productivity out of your day. It’s time you unleash your full potential!

What You’ll Learn!

Focus to Thrive!© will teach you amazingly effective but stunningly simple strategies to:

Get More Done

  • Boost your productivitydoing the right thing at the right time in the right way. Get more done any time of the day or night!
  • Match your tasks to your energy level. Tune your day to your unique rythyms. Create conditions to achieve peak performance, and control those conditions like an elite athlete. No “forcing it.”You’ll find it easier, even natural, to work this way!
Satisfied man

Do More, Better

  • Supercharge your effectiveness, efficiency and productivity (without “fixing” anything!) by taking advantage of your Creative Genius brain!
  • Unleash your real talents and your Creative Genius strengths!
Stressed out man

Eliminate Stress

  • Rip through those essential tasks you put off as boring. Inject fun and interest into anything you do.
  • Get things done without a gun to your head. People will be eager to be on your team.
  • Get way more done every day, while using less energy! Do more and feel energized instead of burnt out.
Woman Dancing

Feel Joy

  • Improve your relationships!Stop dragging your butt home exhausted! Have time (and energy!) for romance!
  • Adopt the ideal mindset for a Creative Genius. Your brain wiring impacts every area of your life. But it affects each person differently. We’ll teach you how to make sure that impact is positive.

Do It All

  • Excel at anything.Light up your Creative Genius brain and turn on the jets! Knock out even critical but boring tasks.
  • Build momentum for change. Break free of unproductive habits! Momentum will catapult you to bigger achievements!
  • Rip through essential tasks you put off. Inject fun and interest into anything you do.
confident business woman

Goof Off Guilt Free

  • A Creative Genius lifestyle naturally delivers optimal focus and effectiveness. Tap into your Creative Genius energy, creativity and brilliance. Your productivity can be as good as (or far better than) anyone’s!
  • You’re done! You delivered on every promise. You’ll know when it’s time to relax. And you’ll know you earned it!
confident young student entrepreneur

Tap That Energy

  • Discover, determine and map your unique energy patterns. Get more done in less time when you choose the right tasks for your energy patterns.
  • Unleash your creativity and harness all your energy. Then you will trulythrive. There’s nothing wrong with you!

Unleash Your True Potential

  • Get easy-to-use tools designed for Creative Geniuses. Worksheets, checklists, decision trees and time maps. Your productivity will jumpimmediately and continue life-long improvements.
  • Fine-tune your magnificent Creative Genius brain. Tap into your Creative Genius superpowers.
  • Become “the scientist and the subject.” Create the life you love, one experiment at a time. Improve your life at will by “turning bad days into good data.”

I know you’re thinking…

Nothing has helped before. Why would your approach help me improve my productivity?

You’ve got so much to do and so little time, you want to know…

Stickman why


Can Focus to Thrive!© Really Help You?

Let me tell you a story…

I’m Linda Walker. My husband’s name is Duane Gordon. Our story is very like your own. When our story began, we were as lost and confused as you are.

In this video, I share how Duane stopped being someone I had to take care of, and became my superhero.

Whose Superhero Are You?

When Duane tapped into his Creative Genius, he unleashed the superpowers I’d always suspected were there!

Duane’s story is why I know I can help you. While I think he’s wonderful, I know there’s nothing he did to overcome his limitations you can’t do too. He’s working WITH his Creative Genius brain wiring instead AGAINST it. He’s thriving because he learned to embrace the way his brain works. You may not believe it, but YOU CAN DO THIS. You may have struggled through school, failed at job after job, even failed in business…


Discover why I know the Focus to Thrive!© program will completely transform your life, even when nothing else has…

Focus to Thrive!© Will Help You Improve Your Focus and Get More Done, Faster and Easier

Traditional productivity and time management programs don’t work for you. They’re all about juggling hours and tasks. Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic doesn’t help!  
You’re a Creative Genius. You reach peak productivity by optimizing your focus and mental energy. The Focus to Thrive!© online learning program is built using the Focus to Freedom! Blueprint©.

The Focus to Freedom! Blueprint©

The Focus to Freedom! Blueprint© forms the core of our Focus to Freedom!© and Focus to Thrive!© programs. The Blueprint is a system for managing energy, not time, in a way that works in harmony with your Creative Genius brain.
businessman lightbulb

Energy Zones
Your ability to focus, and your mental and physical energy, fluctuates dramatically throughout your day. When you’re at peak mental energy (I call it your “Genius Zone”), in 30 minutes you can do what could take 3 hours during your recharge time! And we’ll teach you how to choose target tasks for each Zone.

Target Tasks
Your tasks and projects demand different levels of mental and physical energy. You’re passionate about some. Others bore you to tears. And they take more or less focus, effort and time depending on the activity and when you do them. We’ll show you how to achieve peak productivity with each type of task, and then help you really turn on your Creative Genius!

Creative Genius
Your brain, unlike most people, does not activate because something is important. Importance is irrelevant. Your brain can “stall out” if something is boring. But when you feel curiosity, interest and passion, it performs like a Ferrari! Then we just need to point your “pedal-to-the-metal” hyperfocus in the right direction.

You can focus. You struggle to control how much, how long and on what you focus. Because they taught you to do it wrong! Work with your energy zones and you can focus better than most people. Choose the right tasks for each Zone for peak productivity. Tap into that Creative Genius and leave neurotypicals in the dust.

Our Focus to Freedom! Blueprint© Lets You Work with Your Creative Genius Brain Wiring Instead of Against It

The transformation will be immediate and amazing. This natural approach lets you achieve optimal focus and effectiveness. The more you struggle now, the faster and better these techniques will work for you.

You’re Not Lazy. You Don’t Need to Try Harder

In hyperfocus, you’ll whiz through piles of work. You’ll do twice as much in half

the time – much more than most people. And it’s NOT about working more or working harder.

You Work Too D@#% Hard Already

And I’m going to talk about getting more sleep, not less. I want you to take more time off, not less. I’ll show you how to create a lifestyle that fits the way you work best.

You’ll resist what I show you. It goes against everything they taught you. But that’s a good thing! No more living by arbitrary rules and restrictions. They’re killing your creative lifeblood.

But Can It Really Help You?

Focus to Thrive!© will work for you because:

Tested on People Like You

It’s designed for Creative Geniuses. Focus to Thrive!© is created by and for people with your unique brain wiring. We use only the latest, tested and proven and techniques we know work for Creative Geniuses.

Immediate Payoff
You’ll start working smarter, not harder, right from the start. The payoff is huge and immediate. Reap benefits from the first day. Learn in 2-3 hours per week. Apply what you learn and gain that time back (and more!) within weeks!
It’s EASY!
We’ve included custom tools like worksheets, checklists, decision trees and time maps. You can improve your productivity now. Focus to Thrive!© makes it easy – even FUN – to super-charge your productivity!
Supercharged Learning
We help you tap into your natural learning style. Each lesson is in video, audio and text. Choose what works for you. Get everything done and have energy left over.

Do yourself, and your loved ones, the huge favor of changing your life, and theirs, for the better!  Stop feeling broken, and thrive as a Creative Genius!

Focus to Thrive!© is your step-by-step guide, not to fix you, but to fix your life. You CAN thrive as a Creative Genius.

Our Blueprint guarantees your success. Overcome the worst productivity challenges… forever.

These techniques work for the toughest cases.

Focus to Thrive!© gives you the biggest bang for the buck and frees your time and energy for other things. If you “don’t have time” to enroll in the Focus to Thrive!© program, it is exactly the program you need!

Unlock the Creative Genius Trapped Inside©

Live Your Best Life

Do yourself, and your loved ones, the huge favor of changing your life, and theirs, for the better!  Stop feeling broken, and thrive as a Creative Genius!

“Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your family.”
– Duane Gordon

Focus to Thrive!© delivers everything you need to improve your focus and supercharge your productivity… Now

Immediate Access to Everything You Need

Lifetime Access, Anytime, Anywhere

Get all training materials, downloads and instructions through a members-only website 24/7. Follow along with the course as we release each module. Learn at your own pace and review each lesson as often as you want.

Get immediate access to all tools. Use them on your iPad or computer. Or print them out to write on. You can doodle, bend, fold, staple… whatever you need.


Everything is available for instant download on our secure, private website. It includes:

  • eBooklets and Worksheets *
  • Audio recordings to play on your mobile device.
  • Video instructional series ** 

* You will not receive printed books but can download and print the documents
** Videos and downloadable audios are online only.

Everything You Need is at Your Fingertips

You’ll receive complete instructions describing your mission for the week. You’ll also get reminders to help you complete the program. We program these messages for you to complete one or two small but significant steps each week.

You Do the Work (Your Way), You Reap the Rewards

No one can do the work for you. But you decide how to do the work. You have complete freedom to work the way that works best for you. Do you work best before breakfast? Or would you rather improve your productivity than watch one more late-night infomercial? Set aside three or four hours each week to cover the material.

Read and/or watch the videos. Complete your self-awareness exercises. And most important, apply what you learn in your life. Take each lesson for a “test drive.”

Peak Performance Is Yours for the Taking

Focus to Thrive! is the world’s best online productivity-boosting program for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. If you want and need peak productivity, this is the way to reach your full potential. It’s time you experience more freedom in your life.

Your Recipe to Thrive!

Focus to Thrive!© teaches you everything you need to improve your focus and supercharge your productivity as a Creative Genius. You’ll learn the exact strategies to put in place to:

Fully Charge Your Brain

Optimizing Your Sleep for Peak Performance.If you struggle with sleep (not enough, too much or restless sleep), you’re driving your Ferrari with low fuel and dirty oil! Learn strategies to ensure your best night’s sleep. Maximize your Creative Genius brain power.

Focus with Perfect Timing

Discover Your Energy Patterns. Your mental energy rises and falls throughout the day. You have high-energy Genius Zones. You have low-energy Recharge
. And you have Kinetic Zones. Pushing through the wrong zone doing the wrong task leaves you stuck. Learn to tap into your energy zones.

Power up your Brain and Body

Perfecting Your Brain-Body Connection. Integrate exercise, the RIGHT exercise, into your life. Even if you spend all day in the gym – you could pump up without boosting your brain power. What workouts optimize brain power? Learn how to treat your body so you get the most out of your Creative Genius brain!

Fill Your Brain with Rocket Fuel

Nutrition Essentials for Your Unique Brain. Every finely-tuned machine requires the right fuel. Your Creative Genius brain is no exception. Nutrition affects your focus every day. We’ll look at how carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and probiotics affect your brain. And hydration! (Try this experiment – if you’re struggling to focus, drink a big glass of water. Within minutes, your focus will improve.)

Live In the Zone

Master your Genius Zone. The Genius Zone is your prime performance period. You can easily hyperfocus. Most people squander their Genius Zone, choosing to do the wrong things. Discover the productivity-pumping power of matching tasks with your ideal “zone.”

Be a Creative Genius Zen Master

Leveling the Emotional Roller Coaster. Are you a hostage to your moods? Take control of your moods. Stop your emotions from sabotaging your productivity. The right mindset is a magic shield against overwhelm. Use these Zen habits to focus on the solution rather than the problem.

Perform at Your Peak All Day Long

When you hyperfocus, even Superman can’t keep up. But who wants to waste the hours you’re not in your Genius Zone? We’ll reveal how to achieve peak productivity every hour of every day.

Unlock Your Strengths

Use your Creative Genius to pursue your passions. Pour your energy into your strengths and you send your life into a new, higher trajectory. You’ll tear through the most challenging tasks like wet paper.

Focus Like a Laser

Creating Your Distraction-Free Zone. End distractions and interruptions. Optimize your environment for focus. You’ll even get the people around you to help protect your Genius Zone!

Improve Every Day

Focus to Thrive!©Master, you’re prepared for Kaizen (the Japanese word for “continuous improvement.” ) You have lifetime access to the Focus to Thrive!online training materials. You need NEVER feel helpless or hopeless again. As you use the strategies you learn, your ability to focus will only continue to improve.

Simply put, together, we’ll dive deep and fine-tune your Creative Genius brain. And we’ll fine-tune your life to coax peak performance from that Ferrari brain of yours. You’ll make the RIGHT thing to do the EASIEST thing to do. Then, you’ll make it AUTOMATIC!

You’ll Never Want to Go Back

This is life-transforming stuff. Read the material. Listen to the recordings. Watch the videos. Do the work… and in eight weeks, we will transform your life for the better. You’ll never be able to go back to the way you are now, and you won’t want to!

If All This Wasn’t Enough, We’ve Sweetened the Pot Even More

Get the Course Bonuses

We want you to have everything you need to succeed, and more. Yes, we want to take good care of you. That’s why I’m including these bonuses.


Hunting and Foraging: The Creative Genius Healthy Eating System

  • Discover a simple and efficient system to get good nutrition from the store to the table.
  • “Make the right thing to do the easiest thing to do.” It’ll work in the kitchen, too. And it’ll work for you because it was designed by and for Creative Geniuses like you.
  • Better brain performance, better health, and you save time and money! Yes, it’s possible! One participant cut 10 hours a week off her food prep time and 30% off her food bill, all while eating healthier!
  • Imagine saying, “We don’t go for fast food anymore because it takes too long!”

Creative Genius Couples: Rediscover the Magic, Reignite the Passion

  • When you’re a Creative Genius and your partner is not, life can be complicated. But there is a better way. Duane and I share the lessons we learned that keep our marriage strong (36 years and counting!)
  • For most couples, ADHD can ruin romance. Remember when you felt the two of you were destined to take on the world together? But what’s sexy about a partner you can’t count on? Or one you have to parent?
  • Discover how ADHD is affecting your relationship. And effective strategies that will help you heal.



Focus to Thrive!© walks you step-by-step through our proven system to work with your Creative Genius brain to achieve maximum FOCUS.

You have access immediately to everything you need to change your life. But after years of coaching and teaching, we know it’s natural to have questions. Duane and I are committed to your success. That’s why we support you through the whole Focus to Thrive!© experience.

Ask your questions in every lesson. Right there as you are learning. We’ll answer them right in the program, so you can refer back to them until you’ve mastered each lesson.

I Know What I’m Talking About

I’m a trained and certified business coach. I’m also a serial entrepreneur and a former project manager. I know about business, and I know about personal productivity.

I’ve been working with overwhelmed entrepreneurs and struggling professionals for many years. To handle the most challenging cases – that’s my specialty – I sought more training to work with adults with ADHD. I’m also a wife and a mother of ADHDers.

I Don’t ‘Fix’ Creative Geniuses, I Unleash Them!


I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals like you. Creative Geniuses who struggle with focus and productivity.


“Wow, taking the post-assessment was eye-opening for me! I made HUGE improvements in Focus and Side-effects. I still feel I have a LOT to learn and improve, but, like you and Duane have said, ‘I have a lifetime’.”
~ Elizabeth O.
“I can’t say enough good about this course. It has truly changed my life and I am eternally grateful!... The work you do is AMAZING!!!”
~ Kurt Schroeder, Illinois
“I’m actually accomplishing things that have been sitting around undone for ages, thanks to the Thrive! approach! And – because I’m no longer waiting till the last minute, LO and BEHOLD I have even been early or on time for every appointment in the last week – and not stressed!”
~ D. Hartline, Boston, MA
“I’m much more aware… it was sleep that was really helpful… that was really an eye-opener”
~ Josée M., Quebec, Canada
“Shutting down the negative narrative and replacing with the positive one is enormous… you’re doing something really astonishing to your brain…”
~ Susan M., Oregon
“You rock! You really help people with concrete straightforward tools, fun, laughter, challenge our squirrels not tell us they need to be ducks and truly believe we can achieve - not just "manage". More Creative Geniuses need to hear your message.”
~ Lisa Hand
“Everything I’ve done my whole life has been about running away from my ADHD. This is the first time I’ve learned to work with it.”
~ Kylie Barron, Chicago, IL

“You’re Covered” Guarantee:
Try Focus to Thrive!© for a Full 14 Days, 100% Risk Free

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. With Focus to Thrive!©, I teach you powerful productivity-enhancing, life-changing strategies. I also teach you how to apply them in your own life. Take the next two weeks to read, listen to, work with, examine, and apply what you learn in your life. If you put these strategies into practice but don’t see results, we’ll promptly reimburse you.

If you are unhappy with Focus to Thrive!© during the first two weeks, I want to give you your money back.


Here's Why

Duane and I dedicate ourselves to helping Creative Geniuses reach their full potential. We have invested thousands of hours mastering this craft. And we’ve spent thousands of dollars testing and tweaking the strategies that make all the difference.

Duane and I analyzed and tested the strategies and tools that helped the most. They were universal among Creative Geniuses. Traditional self-help books and programs don’t work for Creative Geniuses. The more you struggle, the more you seek answers (in the wrong place.) The more traditional approaches you try (that don’t work), the more frustrated you become.

We want to end your cycle of failure and frustration.

The strategies and tools that transformed Duane’s life (and our lives) are the same ones that help all Creative Geniuses. We created programs to teach you the skills every Creative Genius must master to succeed.

bullseyeWe use the best training strategies for Creative Geniuses. With each pillar, you learn one key strategy that has a significant impact in your life. We provide awareness-building exercises to mold the lesson to your own personal style. And you’ll have step-by-step instructions to apply what you learned in your life.

Duane and I are always improving my programs. When you join my online programs, you have access to the material (and updates) for as long as I live. You can take your time and return as often as you want. There’s no rush. After all, as Duane always says, “You’ve got the rest of your life.”

And That’s Why It’s Backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Work through the program for the next two weeks. If you don’t love it, email me any time in the first 14 days. Show me you’re doing the exercises, and I’ll immediately send you a prompt and courteous refund.

BTW – I ask to see your work because I know if you put what I teach into action, you will get results.

But, if you’re thinking of buying without doing anything, you and I both know you won’t make any progress.

I’m not interested in spending energy supporting “tire kickers.” I hope that’s not you.

That’s why I want you to go through the course for 14 days, put what I share into action and begin enjoying the benefits.

Your Investment

Focus to Thrive! Self-Study Program
$ 257
  • Books and Worksheets
  • Digital Audio Recordings
  • Every Online Video Lesson
  • Weekly Instructions by Email

Your Investment

Focus to Thrive! Self-Study Program
$ 197
  • Books and Worksheets
  • Digital Audio Recordings
  • Every Online Video Lesson
  • Weekly Instructions by Email