I want to share a gift. It’s…


Are You at the End of Your Rope?
(And Your Grip is Slipping?)

You Are No Longer Alone. We’ve Been There
and We Can Help. Let me tell you a story…

My name is Linda Walker. My husband’s name is Duane Gordon. Our story is very like your own. When our story began, we were as lost and confused as you are.

Our story is a classic case of “I wish I knew then what I know now.” We’ve developed our expertise the hard way. But because of our experience, your life is about to get much better.

I Know What I’m Talking About

I’m a trained and certified business coach. I’m also a serial entrepreneur and a former project manager. I know about business, and I know about personal productivity.

I’ve been working with overwhelmed entrepreneurs and struggling professionals for many years. To handle the most challenging cases – that’s my specialty – I sought more training to work with adults with ADHD. You see, I’m also a wife and a mother of ADHDers.

My husband, Duane, didn’t even know he had ADHD. He learned about it after my youngest daughter’s diagnosis when she started school. I’ve had professional training and I’ve graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks!

Research blames ADHD traits for lost jobs, broken marriages and financial hardships.

I soon realized my entrepreneur clients were also struggling with ADHD-like traits. They didn’t have the “ADHD” label, but they did face many of the same struggles. I often heard the same question…

Is Something Wrong with Me?

As Creative Genius, your brain wiring is different. When you work against the way your brain works, the very traits that help you excel are like sugar in your gas tank. You struggle with routine tasks, to make it to meetings on time or to honor the simplest commitments.

But when you tap into your unique abilities, you excel. You’re wired for creativity, innovative thinking, lightning fast reactions, unwavering determination and single-mindedness.

When something piques your interest, you have boundless energy to throw behind your uniquely wired brain. You hyperfocus and work around the clock, ignoring anything in your way.

Under the right conditions, you will thrive, you’re definitely NOT broken! But when I tell my clients this they ask, “So if I’m not broken, why does my life suck?”

Why Does Life Suck?

And it can really suck!  My husband, Duane, has ADHD. His struggle to overcome his challenges is legendary (more on that in a minute), and it was our battle (all uphill!) to save his career, our relationship, our finances and our family that inspired us to develop this program together.

I promised I’d share more about Duane’s struggles. What Duane and I both want you to understand by sharing this is that there is hope, no matter how hopeless your situation feels.

Once upon a time…

It was a whirlwind romance.  I’d naively hoped Duane’s marriage proposal a month after our first (blind!) date signaled the end of his recklessness and thrill-seeking. But, impulsive as ever, he was thrown out of the army and roamed from job to job – sales, clerk, programmer, teacher, project manager…  Bright and capable, he’d get bored. Or worse, he excelled and they’d promote him. Then he’d get overwhelmed. He often quit only to avoid being fired.

Setting Records for Impulsivity

The first time he quit, I freaked out!  I was home with our 3-month-old daughter wondering how we’d pay the mortgage. I felt terrified, vulnerable and helpless.  Duane is laser-focused in a crisis (the only time!), so in desperation he landed three part-time jobs. But I was a wreck anticipating his next “career suicide.”

After crossing the country (twice) chasing his latest “opportunity of a lifetime,” I put my foot down.  Pick a job and stick to it!  He loved his job, but it soon overwhelmed him and he couldn’t deliver the goods.  He worked day and night, but couldn’t focus, get organized or follow through.

When It Hurts Enough…

Duane was thrilled when his hard work seemed to pay off. His boss, who happened to be president, told him he had a bright future at the company. He then asked Duane to take over chairing a departmental meeting. Duane jumped at this chance to prove his leadership skills.

Then the fateful day arrived.  Crunch time; sitting in the conference room, someone asked why the boss hadn’t arrived yet.  No one knew.  Not even Duane!  Incredibly, he had forgotten his boss, the president’s request.  Clueless, he suggested everyone return to work and he’d call them when the boss arrived.

When his boss arrived, he could only glare incredulously at Duane. This man he’d been grooming for big things explained, “You were late so we went back to work.” It would be years before Duane shared the gut-wrenching pain of his humiliation as the president berated him.  But he’d dreaded even more telling me he had once again let me down.

I loved him. But my faith in my husband had been ground down by “friends” and family telling me (for my own good!), I was a sucker. Wanting and wishing for more from Duane was futile. I’d have been ecstatic if he’d remembered my birthday!

Devastated, Duane thought, “Time for a change!”, but I wasn’t about to pack up and leave (again!) I wasn’t sure our marriage would last. The few hours he wasn’t at work, Duane was as unfocused and disorganized at home. I felt like the only adult in our family.

Spiraling out of control, Duane delivered a project late (at double what he’d bid!) Ready to fire him (as miserable as Duane was, it would have been a relief!), Duane’s boss demoted him, but insisted things change. We needed help.

You’ll Do Whatever It Takes

I credit divine intervention for the experimental training program at a local university.  In an ad seeking intelligent, creative people full of energy, but struggling to focus and get organized, they described Duane (and the clients I work with today) perfectly!

We discovered some people, people with ADHD, have different brain wiring. They are better suited to life “outside the box.” Compare a “farmer” (bureaucrat, manager or clerk) to a “creative genius” (entrepreneur, rock star or artist).  Creative Geniuses think differently. Your brain activates with passion. The strategies, tools and techniques used by most people couldn’t work for Duane (and they won’t work for you!)

Cracking the Code

Breakthrough! Duane “cracked the code” of this new approach. He began working with the way his brain works instead of against it. Life took an exciting 180 degree turn almost overnight! Talk about thriving! Within weeks, he returned to his old position and salary AND was promoted past it! Within two years, Duane was vice-president at more than triple his salary. Astonishingly, career rocketing to success, Duane simultaneously cut his hours!

Duane was a new man.  I felt vindicated.  When he brought home flowers because, he said with a grin, “it’s Wednesday,” I had tears in my eyes.

He spent time helping our daughters with homework and attending school events.  He made a rule that we would all eat supper together.  Even when my job got hectic, he kept the practice alive.

And he’d always dreamt of being an artist, but keeping his life together consumed all his energy. Today he’s also a successful artist, selling many works and holding regular exhibitions.

This is the difference between struggling against your brain wiring and thriving by embracing your Creative Genius!

My ADHD Heel Becomes My Creative Genius Hero!

THIS was the man I’d fallen in love with! Passionate, focused, exciting, fun AND reliable. (“Reliable” doesn’t sound romantic, but try living with someone who isn’t!) I fell in love all over again. I didn’t marry a failure… I married my superhero!  Tapping into his Creative Genius was what unleashed the superpowers I’d always suspected were there!

Duane’s story is why I know I can help you. While I think he’s wonderful, I know there’s nothing he did to overcome his limitations that you can’t do too. He’s working WITH his Creative Genius brain wiring instead AGAINST it. He’s thriving because he learned to embrace the way his brain works. You may not believe it, but YOU CAN DO THIS. You may have struggled through school, failed at job after job, even failed in business…

I know you might be convinced you’re the problem, not the solution.  But YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

Discover why I know the Focus to Thrive! program will completely transform your life, even when nothing else has…