Why am I so confident…

Focus to Thrive!

The Natural Approach to Optimal Focus and Effectiveness for Creative Geniuses
Will Help You Improve Your Focus and Get More Done Faster and Easier?

Even though you’ve already tried almost every productivity trick under the sun? Traditional productivity and time management programs don’t work for you. They’re all about juggling hours and tasks. You’re a Creative Genius. You reach peak productivity by optimizing your focus and mental energy. Focus to Thrive! is a proven program that will let you blow past your productivity barriers for good!

You Can Thrive!
But You’re Following the Wrong Instructions!

In Focus to Thrive! I share a framework built on principles that work in harmony with your Creative Genius brain. You’ll identify pockets of high mental energy when you’re able to focus better than most people. You’ll tap into your ability to “hyperfocus”.

In hyperfocus, you’ll whiz through enormous amounts of work. You’ll do twice as much in half the time – much more than most people can. And it’s NOT about working more or working harder.

And I’m going to talk about getting more sleep, not less. I want you to take more time off, not less. I’ll show you how to create a lifestyle that fits the way you work best.

You’ll resist what I will show you. It goes against everything they taught you. But that’s a good thing! No more living by arbitrary rules and restrictions. They’re killing your creative lifeblood.

You Have a Choice

Keep living the way you’ve been living and don’t change what you’re doing. You’ll get the same poor results. But if you’re tired of getting the same results, you need to make changes. It’s sad. Most people I call Creative Geniuses squander their talents. Yes, that includes adults with ADHD. And because of that, we are all losing out. Brilliant and creative ideas go to waste. Ideas that could solve many of the world’s problems are never realized. I bet YOU have had ideas that would have made you a fortune many times over. AND would have made the world a better place for everyone. If only you’d been able to turn them into reality. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The productivity and time management programs you’ve tried are broken. At least, they’re completely wrong for a Creative Genius. They:
  • Treat every hour as equal.Your ability to focus and your physical energy fluctuates dramatically throughout your day. When you’re at peak mental energy (I call it your “Genius Zone”), in 30 minutes you can do what could take 3 hours during your recharge time!
  • Juggle tasks as if you can tackle any task at any time in your day. But the activities you do demand different levels of mental and physical energy. You’re passionate about some. Others bore you to tears. And they take more or less time depending on when you do them.
  • Completely ignore your unique brain wiring. Your brain, unlike the average person, does not activate because something is important. Importance is irrelevant. Your brain can “stall out” if something is boring. But when you feel curiosity, interest and passion, it performs like a Ferrari!
Worse are the so-called ADHD-friendly programs that assume YOU are broken. They treat you like you can never focus because of your “attention deficit.” In fact, you’ve been struggling to control what, how much and how long you focus. And only because they taught you to do it wrong! You can focus. Heck, you can HYPERfocus! When you tap into your Creative Genius, you will leave “neurotypicals” in the dust.

Work With Your Creative Genius Brain Wiring Instead of Against It and Focus to Thrive!

It’s time to stop trying to do things like other people do. You’ll change how you do things so you work WITH YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS, instead of AGAINST it. The transformation will be immediate and amazing. This natural approach lets you achieve optimal focus and effectiveness. It’s hard to believe, but the more you struggle now, the faster and better these techniques work.

Focus to Thrive! will work for you because:

  • It’s designed for Creative Geniuses. Focus to Thrive!is created by and for people with your unique brain wiring. We use only the latest, tested and proven and techniques we know work for Creative Geniuses.
  • You’ll start working smarter, not harder, right from the start.  The payoff is huge and immediate. Begin reaping the benefits from the first day.
  • It’s EASY!We’ve included custom tools like worksheets, checklists, decision trees and time maps. You can improve your productivity now. Focus to Thrive! makes it easy – even FUN – to super-charge your productivity!

Supercharge Learning (It’s Like Having Johnny Mnemonic’s Brain Jack!)

We designed Focus to Thrive! to help you tap into your natural learning style. We deliver each lesson as video, audio and text. You choose how you prefer to absorb information and learn.

Do you learn best when you read? Or when you listen? Do videos work best? Do you prefer to understand the theory or do you want to jump right in and try things? YOUR way is the RIGHT way. (Many people get exceptional results using several approaches. Try reading along while you listen to the audio.) Keep your creative brain engaged regardless of your preferred learning style.

Each person learns at a different speed. Our members usually complete each module in 2-3 hours per week. Apply what you learn and you’ll gain that time back (and more!) within weeks! The secret to success is to schedule time on your calendar. Dedicate this time to your personal productivity growth.

Imagine how you’ll feel to know you can complete whatever you want each day. You’ll decide what you want to do each day. Then, you’ll not only get everything done, but you’ll have energy left over. You’ll have energy for personal projects and for your family.

Do yourself, and your loved ones, the huge favor of changing your life, and theirs, for the better!  Stop feeling broken, and thrive as a Creative Genius!