What Others Say

Creative Geniuses love the Focus to Thrive! program. In fact, after taking Focus to Thrive!, many participants enroll in my other programs!

“I’m actually accomplishing things that have been sitting around undone for ages, thanks to the Focus to Thrive! approach! And – because I’m no longer waiting till the last minute, LO and BEHOLD I have even been early or on time for every appointment in the last week – and not stressed!”
D. Hartline
Boston, MA
“I can’t say enough good about this course. It has truly changed my life and I am eternally grateful!... The work you do is AMAZING!!!”
Kurt Schroeder
“I’m much more aware… it was sleep that was really helpful… that was really an eye-opener”
Josée M.
Entrepreneur, Quebec, Canada
“Shutting down the negative narrative and replacing with the positive one is enormous… you’re doing something really astonishing to your brain…”
Susan M.
Entrepreneur in Oregon