In Thrive!, You’ll Learn to Unlock the Creative Genius Trapped Inside You


Thrive! The Natural Approach to

Optimal Focus and Effectiveness for Creative Geniuses

is Your Step-By-Step Guide,

Not to Fix You, but…
To Fix Your Life So You Can

Thrive! as a Creative Genius

The Thrive! program for Creative Geniuses combines self-awareness, strategy, techniques and guidance that guarantee your success.

Some of the most important things you’ll learn are:

  • You can be wildly effective despite or because of your ADHD.  You’ll thrive when you learn to dramatically improve your productivity (without “fixing” anything!) by taking advantage of your unique brain-wiring!
  • Arranging your environment and your life to support your performance as a Creative Genius will dramatically improve your results without “forcing it.”  You’ll find it easier, even natural, to work this way!
  • Thrive! reveals how to get way more done every day, while using less energy!  Accomplish more and feel energized instead of burnt out!
  • By tapping into your ADHD energy, creativity and brilliance, your productivity can be as good as (or more likely far better than) non-ADHDers!

Thrive! will help you permanently implement ADHD-specific productivity techniques.

  • Adopt the ideal mindset for a Creative Genius and position yourself to truly thrive, creating a life perfectly adapted to the way your brain works.  ADHD impacts many areas of your life (we’ll teach you how to make sure that impact is positive), but it affects each person differently.  Master a growth mindset and thrive in every area of your life.
  • You’ll adopt an ADHD-friendly lifestyle that will enable you to thrive, using a natural approach to achieve optimal focus and effectiveness using that magnificent machine, your uniquely-wired brain.
  • Match your tasks to your energy level.  You’ll discover how to tune into your own unique rhythms and how to orchestrate your day and plan and configure your activities to achieve levels of productivity you could never have imagined!  At peak performance, you can out-perform most people without ADHD, and just like an elite athlete, you can tap into that power to truly thrive when conditions are right.  We’ll teach you to control those conditions.
  • Discover, determine and map your unique energy patterns to tap into your peak performance periods.  This natural approach allows you to accomplish more with less energy just by tweaking your schedule.  When your high kinetic energy kicks in, it’s time to get stuff done!  Get more done in less time when you choose the right tasks for your energy patterns.
  • Build momentum for change.  Break free of unproductive habits! It’s easy when you thrive.  With help available between sessions and even after “graduation,” you’re sure change will happen.  Get that momentum going and use it to catapult you to even bigger achievements!
  • Learn your best pick-me-up to recharge your “battery” when your energy starts slipping.  Most people who struggle with ADHD treat their finely-honed race-tuned brain like an old shoe.  You’ll thrive when you eat, sleep and exercise as a Creative Genius.  Your brain is built for speed and power… don’t treat it like a couch potato!
  • You’ll conquer procrastination due to boredom by transforming boring but essential tasks; inject fun and interest into anything you do.
  • You’ll get ADHD-friendly, easy-to-use tools designed just for Creative Geniuses, including worksheets, checklists, decision trees and time maps.  Equipped with these leading-edge tools, you’ll see dramatic improvements immediately and continued life-long improvements.
  • Most important of all, you’ll learn to become “the scientist and the subject.”  We’ll teach you how to thriveCreate the life you love, one experiment at a time.  You’ll discover how to continuously improve your life by “turning bad days into good data.”  Master your ADHD and Thrive!  Live life as the Creative Genius you were meant to be!

It’s Time to Plant Your Tree

According to an old proverb, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago; the second best time to plant a tree is today.”  Don’t wait any longer.   Enroll now.

Enrolling in the Thrive! program is the best place to start taking control of your life.  Thrive! provides an excellent foundation for further improvements, gives you the absolute biggest bang for the buck, and will free up your time and energy for other things.  If you “don’t have time” to enroll in the Thrive! program, then it is exactly the program you need!

At this price, you have NOTHING to lose… except more wasted time.

Do yourself, and your loved ones, the huge favor of changing your life, and theirs, for the better!  Stop feeling broken, and truly thrive as a Creative Genius!

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