The Focus to Thrive! program includes everything you need to improve your focus and supercharge your productivity.

Immediate Access to Everything You Need

Get all training materials, downloads and instructions through a members-only website 24/7. Follow along with the course as we release each module. Learn at your own pace and return to review each lesson as often as you want. Get immediate access to all tools. Use them on your iPad or computer. Or print them out to write on. You can doodle, bend, fold, staple… whatever you need. Everything is available for instant download on our secure, private website. It includes:
  • eBooklets and Worksheets *
  • Audio recordings to play on your mobile device.
  • Video instructional series ** 

* You will not receive printed books but can download and print the documents
** Videos and downloadable audios are online only.

Online Self-Study Program

You’ll receive complete instructions describing your mission for the week. You’ll also get reminders to help you complete the program. We program these messages for you to complete one or two small but significant steps each week.

No one can do the work for you. But you decide how to do the work. You have complete freedom to work the way that works best for you. Do you work best before breakfast? Or would you rather improve your productivity than watch one more late-night infomercial? Set aside three or four hours each week to cover the material. Read and/or watch the videos. Complete your self-awareness exercises. And most important, apply what you learn in your life. Take each lesson for a “test drive.”

Focus to Thrive! is the world’s best online productivity-boosting program for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. If you want and need peak productivity, this is the way to reach your full potential. It’s time you experience more freedom in your life.

Your Recipe to Thrive!

The course focuses on teaching you the exact strategies to put in place to be:

  • Fully Charged: Optimizing Your Sleep for Peak Performance. Many of you struggle with sleep, either not sleeping enough, not sleeping well, or both. You’re driving your Porsche with low fuel and dirty oil! Simple strategies ensure your best night’s sleep. This will maximize your Creative Genius brain power.
  • Perfectly Timed: Discover Your Energy Patterns. Your mental energy rises and falls throughout the day. You have periods of high mental energy, Genius Zones.You have periods of very low mental energy, Recharge Zones. And you have shorter bursts of energy I call the Kinetic Zones. Push through the wrong zone doing the wrong task and you’ll find yourself unable to move forward. You’ll discover how to tap into your energy zones.
  • Powered Up: Perfecting Your Brain-Body Connection. Integrate exercise, the RIGHT exercise, into your life. You can spend all day in the gym – but you could pump up without boosting your brain power. What workouts optimize brain power? We’ll dive into that and more to treat your body right so you can get the most out of your Creative Genius brain!
  • Rocket Fueled: Nutrition Essentials for Your Unique Brain. Every finely-tuned machine requires the right fuel. You have no more valuable machine than your Creative Genius brain. We’ll even teach you a streamlined approach to good nutrition. This simple and efficient system takes you from the grocery store to the table. (One participant cut 10 hours a week off her food preparation time!)
  • In the Zone: Master your Genius Zone. When you’re in “the zone”, the Genius Zone, you’re in a prime performance period and can easily Hyperfocus. Most people squander their Genius, choosing to do the wrong things. You’ll discover the productivity-pumping power of matching tasks with their ideal “zone.”
  • A Creative Genius Zen Master: Leveling the Emotional Roller Coaster. Are you an emotional hostage to your moods? Taking control of your moods will stop your emotions from sabotaging your productivity. The right mindset is a magic shield against overwhelm. Use these Zen habits to focus on the solution rather than the problem.
  • A Peak Performer: All Day Long. When you hyperfocus, even Superman can’t keep up. But who wants to waste those hours you’re not in your Genius Zone? We’ll reveal how to achieve peak productivity every hour of every day.
  • Super Powered: Tapping Your Inner Hercules. Use your Creative Genius to pursue your passions. That’s the recipe for transforming your life. And when you pour your energy into your strengths, you send your life into a new, higher trajectory. You’ll tear through the most challenging tasks like wet paper.
  • Laser Focused: Creating Your Distraction-Free Zone. Never interrupt a Creative Genius! You’ll end distractions and interruptions by optimizing your environment for focus. You’ll even get the people around you to help protect your Genius Zone!
  • A Focus to Thrive! Master: Prepared for Kaizen. You have lifetime access to the Focus to Thrive! online training materials. Kaizen is the Japanese word for “continuous improvement.” Once you’re a Thrive! master, you need NEVER feel helpless again. You need never feel hopeless again. Using strategies you learned, your ability to focus will only continue to improve.

Simply put, together, we’ll dive deep and fine-tune your Creative Genius brain. You’ll make the RIGHT thing to do the EASIEST thing to do. Then, you’ll make it AUTOMATIC!

You’ll Never Want to Go Back

This is life-transforming stuff. Read the material. Listen to the recordings. Watch the videos. Do the work… and in eight weeks, we will transform your life for the better. You’ll never be able to go back to the way you are now, and you won’t want to!